Customer Service Specialist (Wine Jobs: Management & Administration)

Full Time

  Ningbo Free Trade Zone Shenghe Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Ningbo-Jiangbei District, Zhejiang

Ningbo Free Trade Zone Shenghe Liquor Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise importing wines from all over the world. In addition to wines from France, Spain and Australia, it also imports various types of wine, spirits, Japanese wine and so on. The company's founder, Mr. Pan Wubo, began to engage in international freight forwarding business in 2005. He often contacts foreign businessmen from all over the world. At the invitation of foreign businessmen, he has visited various domestic and international wine exhibitions several times. Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Free Trade Zone Shengxini Wine Co., Ltd. started independent wine import business. Shenghe Wine Industry was born in October 2018 to participate in the Shengheyuan Learning Conference of Mr. Kazuo Dosun, and after a year of thinking, it was officially established in September 2019. The word Shenghe means a prosperous career. ! Shenghe Wine Industry's distinguished reputation: Bring high-quality cost-effective wine home, bring green and healthy quality home, and fully feel the gentleman spirit of "SENHOR WINE". In order to enable elites from all walks of life to jump out of their industry, we are actively building a high-quality imported resource platform to benefit others and expand operations. The company welcomes all distributors, agents, and merchants at all levels to join the company, expand the domestic market with the company, and bring more fine wine to ordinary consumers.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Reply to the customers who came to consult, and guide customers to place orders;

2. Check and count the orders in time, cooperate with the operation department for order delivery; 

3. Deal with after-sales issues, reduce the refund rate, and increase customer satisfaction;

4. Feedback the store background order situation to the store operation, and adjust the operation strategy in time;

5. Other materials are categorized, sorted and filed;

Job Requirements:

1. Educated, motivated and proactive: be able to quickly become familiar with products and related processes and quickly resolve customer concerns.

2. Modest attitude and friendly tone: Moderate attitude will shorten the distance between the seller and the customer, prompting the order.

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