Sales Executive - On Trade (Wine Jobs: Sales & Marketing)

Full Time


  Shanghai, Shanghai

Job Description:
2 Sales Sales 

  • To be very familiarize with all company products and its categorized pricing structure prior to approach customers

Familiarity with company product, price structure, and type required to better inform company about company product 

  • Capable to utilize company’s competitive advantage (collective resources and market positioning) in doing business in regional markets

Skillfully use your company's competitive edge to do business in designated areas 

  • To work due-diligently in developing new potential accounts in the designated territory and subsequently increase sales volume within company guidelines

According to company policies and regulations in the designated area to develop customers 

  • Maintain acceptable margins of sale within company policy

According to company policies and regulations within the acceptable profit to complete sales 

  • Conduct regular sales visit for all the active accounts to maintain and develop further business partnership

All sales to all customers to maintain and develop business relationships with customers 

  • Dealing with some major customer accounts directly

Direct response to major clients related issues 

  • Check daily sales report on back order

Check daily sales records and non-delivery records 

  • To have sufficient understanding/observation and be very clear in targeted customers’ needs and their unique business environment when conducting business

Understand the needs of target customers and unique business environment 

  • Using sales skills and product knowledge to sell and directly responsible for on trade accounts in order to achieve sales target set up by Director of Sales monthly

Use the sales techniques and product knowledge necessary to reach the monthly sales target set by the sales director and be directly responsible to the customer 

  • Follow up on finalization of business contract for respective accounts as well as renewal for current accounts

Follow up to maintain and update completed sales contracts 

  • Achieve annual sales target

Completion of the annual sales target 

2 Promotion promotion 

  • To design, plan and implement effective promotion and activity to facilitate sales of EMW products in targeted account under the guidance of Sales Director

Under the direction of the sales director, design and implement effective promotions 

  • To compile projected profit and loss statement (deal sheet) for all promotion events and keep track on the actual result for future reference

Calculate the profitability of each promotion and track the final result 

  • Arrange and coordinate local tasting and marketing events for overseas suppliers when in Shanghai

Arrange and organize wine tasting and marketing activities for foreign wineries in Shanghai 

  • To follow up the plan in implementation of nationwide promotion campaign

Conduct national promotions as required by headquarters 

2 Customer service support Customer service support 

  • To follow through on their daily operation requirement in terms of inventory management (placing order, delivery and replacement) training needs

According to inventory management training needs, follow up daily operations (orders, delivery and replacement) 

  • Provide promotion, sponsorship and festival support

Offer promotion, sponsorship and holiday support 

  • Provide professional wine education service

Provide professional wine training 

2 Market Intelligence market information 

  • Be on full alert on market trend of imported wine market trend by closely followed up on local newspaper, magazine, internet and other media

Pay close attention to the information on media resources such as local newspapers, magazines and internet, and keep vigilant on the market trends of imported wines 

  • Conduct weekly competitor market survey on their new products promotion and pricing tactic and to report to Director of sales for proactive strategic planning

Watch weekly quotes and pricing strategies for competitor new product promotions and report to sales director to develop an effective strategic plan 

  • Collect competitors’ catalog and promotion collaterals for internal reference

Collect competitor's product catalog and promotional product models for internal reference 

2 Collection payment receivables 

  • To be very prudent when negotiate on payment terms for contract and should strictly adhered to company policy unless approved by senior management

In the negotiation of the terms of payment of goods to be careful, should be strictly in accordance with the company system implementation 

  • To be responsible for month end payment collection for the assigned accounts and alert management when in doubt

Responsible for the monthly payment of customer payment, when the payment becomes uncertain when the charge should be vigilant 

  • Achieve average collection of 90% and follow up company policy and criteria in selection accounts to avoid bad debt issue and alert management when in doubt

According to the company policy to screen customers to prevent the generation of bad loans, the collection of goods to be an average of 90%, when the payment becomes uncertain should be vigilant 

2 Reports and Follow Up Report and follow up 

  • Compile sales call and statistic report to update Director of Sales on work progress

Summarize the sales report and plan report and submit it to the sales director 

  • Follow up on finalization of business contract for respective accounts as well as renewal for current accounts

Follow up the business contract to complete their respective accounts, as well as the renewal of the current account 

  • To update account profile on daily basis with regards to contact, ordering pattern, and price structure with updated wine selection and business agreement.

Update customer hotel information, order form, price list and contract 

  • Monthly Sales & Collection Report

Monthly sales and payment reports 

  • Weekly Sale Call Planning

Weekly plan report 

  • Weekly Sales Report

Weekly work report 

  • New Customer Development Report

New customer development report 

functional category:
Sales Director 

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