Tele-marketing (Wine Jobs: Sales & Marketing)

Full Time

  Pinshang Red Wine

  Shenzhen, Guangdong

Pinshanghui's e-commerce industry, standardized management, timely payment of wages and commissions, sincerely recruit telephone sales + WeChat marketing.


【We hope you】

1. Interested in the wine industry; working experience in telemarketing/online sales and excellent performance is preferred;

2. Love sales, have a certain sales ability, have the courage to prove themselves, and have a certain interest and understanding of the sales industry;

3. Have good oral expression and communication skills, and have strong logical thinking skills;

4. Have a certain ability to resist pressure, be positive and motivated, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a strong ability to accept new things;

5. Ability to stand on the customer's point of view, see the problem from the customer's perspective, and understand customer needs;


[Just do it]

1. Relying on the company's high-quality customer resources, let customers understand our products and grasp customer needs through the company's outbound system/WeChat group, through telephone/network;

2. Provide customers with fast, accurate and professional sales and consulting services.

3. Answer customer questions about red wine;

4. Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and provide customers with active, enthusiastic, satisfactory and thoughtful service;

As long as you have the above conditions, congratulations, you are the person we want.


[We can provide for you]

High salary + paid training + company's own customer resources + many promotion opportunities + many benefits + good company atmosphere + five insurances and one housing fund

1. High salary: basic salary + high commission + high sales incentive; the average comprehensive salary of this position in 2018 is 10k+;

2. Paid training: Our company will provide you with a three-day paid training, so that you can transform from novice to elite.

3. Customer resources: customer service data provided by the company’s IT department: all come from customers of the company’s self-operated e-commerce platform, have purchased behaviors, brand recognition is high, and repurchase rates are high;

4. Working method: Telemarketing + WeChat old customer marketing

5. Working hours: work 7.5 hours a day, big and small weeks, national holidays and rest

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