Wine Sales / Red Wine Sales / Store Sales / Sales Staff (Wine Jobs: Wine Retail & Sommelier)

Full Time

  Ainoteca Wine Trading Co., Ltd.

  Suzhou, Jiangsu


I. In-store sales work.

1) Established this month, seasonal main products, unmatched customer demand, and wine sold.

2) Anxiety store's instructions for safe and evacuation, effort-completed stores' distributed sales items, and completed company's established items.

II. Daily work inside the store.

1) Wine-related exhibitions; sake-related productions; later and later; temporary delivery and release;

2) Holding store surface (inclusive 吧 Taiwan resting room), fresh liquor (land, land, ash, etc.); holding liquor rack, sake liquor, liquor bottle, etc .;

3) Japanese shop; end-of-month work.

4) Registration information;

III. Market planning and construction.

1) Established store promotion, assistant store promotion, promotion and active promotion, promotion, production, etc.

2) The actual situation of the market, the new store promotion and product promotion, the new construction, the new plan.

IV. Customer clothing and crafts.

1) For sale, packaged goods or box-like packaging, exchange goods, etc.

2) Retained customers: good exchanges, new elderly customers; regular memberships, recommended products.

3) Study and control basic procedures and apprenticeships, process, offer customs.

V. Above and other types of work.

Appointment: 1) Greater than or equal to study, notification is acceptable, and special release is required. 2) Unlimited, wine partner. 3) Unlimited crafts, unlimited wines and liquor banquets, specialty banquets for over a year. 4) 对 从事 wine brewing 热 热 , , , 愿 愿 愿 愿 愿 习 习 习. 5) Enlightenment, behavioral power, well-being and cooperation, and a new mind.
6) Possessors of wine and grapes, such as WORD, EXCEL, etc. for everyday use such as WORD, EXCEL, etc.

7) Physical health, 20 to 29 years a year.

8) Noon receiving / excluding group [Group: 1) 9: 00-18: 00 (or 10: 00-19: 00); 2) 11: 00-20: 00 (or 12: 00-21: 00), 3 13: 00-22: 00】 、 每天 工 8pm 、 1:00 pm 1pm.

9) No-no-no-katsu, no-months 8-9 heavens, set-ups, non-fixed double holidays.

10) Noh receiving legal statue (Korean holiday group, Anzhong national statutory support additional group factory).

1) Lunch: 20RMB / day

2) Transportation: Implementation

3) Firewood: Monthly firewood (basic firewood + sales 贴) + 补贴 (lunch + transportation) + ceremony (奖) + year +

4) Hiitsu: Mid-Autumn, Spring

5) Wedding money: wedding, growing, hanging

6) Social Security: 50 One Gold

7) Welfare Holiday: Retirement Retirement Holidays

8) Healthy body: First year exemption body

9) Other assistants: Kagami, Izumi Tsu, etc.

10) The first year of Shinshu or the firewood-like opportunity

11) Jinsheng Sky:

Ordinary sales High sales Deputy store agent Deputy store agent Store agent
备 Note:

Already sold, Noun market, and unusually important!

An excellent mentor, a short-term success, and a dedicated contributor.

Function: Sales representative store / 员

Suffix: Sales Retail Store Vinegar Sake Supermarket Business Promotion

联 system
Upper citadel: Hisamitsu hundred

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