Drink Sales Manager (Wine Jobs: Wine Retail & Sommelier)

Part Time

  Renaissance Taida Hotel

  Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tianjin

Work experience: Minimum education: High school management experience: Nature of work: Full-time comprehensive monthly salary: 3001-4000 yuan Job category: Other positions Age requirements: Benefits: Five insurance and one gold | Shuttle | Tube eating | Tube | Double break | Overtime subsidy |Payment of Annual Leave Description: Job Requirements:

  • Check your station,prior to opening, for cleanliness of tables and chairs, proper set-up of saltand pepper, sugar, ashtrays, flowers, lamp, clean cutlery and glassware.
  • Check if your work area is ready before the business, including the cleanliness of the table and chairs, salt, pepper, sugar, ashtrays, flowers, lights, whether the dishes and glassware are clean.
  • Do all necessary opening and closing side work according to the side work schedule. Work on starting and ending business according to the work schedule.
  • Have all necessarytools ready: tray, pen, bus towel, corkscrew, etc.
  • Have the necessary tools ready: plates, pens, rags for tableware, and wine drills.
  • Develop a completeknowledge of menu items, their garnish, contents and preparationmethods. Be ready to answer any guest questions about the menu in a positive and conciseway. Know the userecords.
  • Familiar with the menu knowledge: trimming, ingredients and production methods. Can answer questions from customers in a concise and accurate manner.
  • Operate the Point of Sale terminal correctly and follow all Marriott check-closing procedures.
  • Follow Marriott's inspection procedures for closing the business.
  • Practice aggressivehospitality and use Suggestive Selling techniques when taking guests'sorder. When customers order food, they should take the initiative to provide enthusiastic service and try prompt marketing techniques.
  • Develop a goodknowledge of beverages, liquors, and wine service.
  • Master the knowledge of drinks.
  • By dessert, all condiments, dirty dishes and silverwareshould be cleared, except sugar and appropriate silverware and beverage glasses that are notempty. Pay special attention to finer points of Service, ie, replacingashtrays, water glasses filled, checking back just after serving entrée,keeping proper posture and being personable, but limiting conversation.
  • When serving food and beverages, follow the service procedure and go through it; for example, when you are on dessert, all the small materials, used porcelain and silverware should be withdrawn except the sugar bowl, the corresponding silverware and the unused wine. go. Pay attention to the details of the service, paying particular attention to changing the ashtray, pouring water, asking the guests for feedback after serving, paying attention to maintaining proper posture and minimizing conversations.
  • Bus, clean and resetthe table according to standard procedures.
  • Tables are set according to standards and procedures.
  • Chewing gum or smoking is not allowed while on duty. It is forbidden to eat chewing gum and smoke during working hours.
  • Attend all meetings or training seminars as required.
  • Participate in relevant meetings and training.
  • Study and follow the Associate's Training Manual.
  • Learn and follow the employee training manual.

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